A really huge thank you to the following libraries and museums;

The Home Delivery Service section of Wandsworth Borough Libraries and Karen Kneller and her colleague Bill who have helped me so much.

I am especially grateful for all the books ordered in from other libraries:

New York State Historical Association

  1. A copy of The New-York Weekly Journal dated Monday 22nd January 1738. I asked for a copy of the advertisement put in about Catherine Weissenberg running away and I got a copy of the whole journal of that date to get the social context.

  2. Photocopies of the relevant pages of the register kept by the Rev. Barclay at the Indian Chapel in Fort Hunter. Recently this has become available on Ancestry.

  3. A copy of the Quarterly Journal of New York State Historical Association dated January 1957 which contains an article by Milton W. Hamilton entitled “Sir William Johnsons Wives”.

  4. (In conjunction with JSTOR) a photocopy of “An American Knight in Britain: Sir John Johnsons Tour, 1765-1767” by Milton W. Hamilton.

Abergavenny Library

Who offered to loan me their copy of the book “Surrender Be Damned” by Hughes and Dixon through the library inter-loan

service. I settled for copies of the relevant pages on the Battle of Frezenberg as the book is now rare and I was afraid it might go missing in the post.

Southampton University Library

For the loan of their copy of Milton W. Hamilton’s book Sir William Johnson, Colonial American, 1715-1763 which, in my opinion, is the best book on the subject but unavailable elsewhere in the UK. I confess I copied it.

The Royal Regiment Fusiliers Museum

David Baynham who found me a lot of information about Sir Guy and John Campbell and also put me on to the National Library of Ireland which holds paperwork and letters on the Campbell/Lennox and Fitzgerald families which I have not researched yet.

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library which is part of Yale University Library which holds masses of paper work to do with Guy Johnson and other members of the family.

National Library of Canada for the evidence of the marriage of Mary Johnson and Colin Campbell. They also hold letters and manuscripts about various members of the family Johnson/Campbell.

Holly Knott for the drawings in Chapter 6 and 9.

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- Jane Austen, Emma

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