Hello, I'm H. G. Campbell and this is the story of Catherine Weissenberg

Catherine Weissenberg

Catherine Weissenberg was my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother who I found on my family tree when I took up genealogy. I discovered that she was born around 1721 in the Palatine region of southern Germany. Along with thousands of others Catherine Weissenberg and her parents went to England as refugees because they were Protestants and the Catholics were persecuting Protestants all over Europe.

Some Palatines were then forced to emigrate to the American colonies and had to pay their own fares by selling themselves as indentured servants for seven years. Modern researchers’ claim that 9 out of 10 of these indentured servants did not survive to get their freedom. Catherine Weissenberg did and she then took the three children she had by her slaver to New York.

MyMy book tells the story of how I researched many branches of my family before finding Catherine Weissenberg. It tells which details of her life are known to be provable with primary evidence including how she lay in an unmarked grave whilst her son walked with the King of England because his father had told an enormous lie which I have now exposed to the relevant authorities via the House of Lords in London, England.

I also include the circumstantial evidence that has led me to believe that Catherine Weissenberg was murdered by a woman called Gonwatsijayenni, a Mohawk of the Wolf clan, whose motive was to save her people from the white invaders who wanted land and were only too willing to use genocide to the level of extermination to wrench it from the native Indians.

My book also tells the true story of two women, one from the lowest of her society and the other from the highest level of hers and how they were both betrayed by one man. That man lied so that his favourite son, Catherine Weissenbergs son, wrongly became the second Baronet of New York. Would the life of the American Indians since 1776 have been different if Gonwatsijayenni’s first son had got the title? Decide for yourself.