The Mohawk Valley

Heather's ancestor Catherine Weissenberg lived in the picturesque Mohawk Valley

Sandwiched between the Adirondack and Catskill mountains of upstate New York lays a picturesque region known as the Mohawk Valley. During the early to mid-18th century, this region along the Mohawk River was the "frontier," sparsely settled by small communities of Dutch, Palatine Germans, Irish, and Scottish living alongside the Mohawk Indians of the Iroquois confederacy.

Fur traders, such as William Johnson, prospered in the valley - establishing strong ties with the Mohawk, and offering goods such as axes, awls, fish hooks, cloth, glass beads, guns, and even rum and brandy, in exchange for pelts of beaver, otter, mink, fox, bear, and deer. Flatboats and bateaux became a common site on the Mohawk River, transporting merchandise, as well as grain, peas, and other crops to agents in New York City and London. King

George's War brought unrest to the region, with Canadian Indian raids and scalping parties engendering a constant fear of murder and torture along the exposed frontier.

Local Indians indulged in imported goods, adopting the practice of drinking tea, along with the wearing of some English clothing and jewellery.

A small aristocratic class, of which the Johnson family was arguably the centre, established large homes stocked with servants and imported luxuries not normally associated with colonial frontier life. Yet, whether Irish aristocrat, German pioneer, or native Iroquois, life in the war zone of the 18th century Mohawk Valley meant always being prepared to defend hearth and home.

~by Kimberly Powell | a professional genealogist and genealogy blogger | Who do you think you are? magazine December 2013
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